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Map of projects on the SOFAR landscape

Above: Map of projects on the SOFAR landscape

Selected Projects

Note: list in development. Submit SOFAR area project information via Google Form.

El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

Eldorado National Forest

  • 2-Chaix
  • Caples Ecological Restoration Project
  • Cleveland-Ice House Forest Health Project
  • Darling Prescribed Fire
  • En Guarde
  • Granite Springs and Webber Mill Roads
  • John Don’t
  • King and Fred’s Fire Noxious Weed
  • King Fire Restoration Project
  • Peninsula Prescribed Fire
  • Pillikin Forest Health Project
  • Quidazoic
  • Silver Saddle Prescribed Fire
  • Strawberry Fuels Reduction
  • Tobacco Gulch
  • Wharf Whale Prescribed Fire
  • Wrights Lake Recreation Area Fuels Reduction Project

Fire Adapted 50

  • Camino/Pollock Pines Fuel Break
  • Highway 50 Fuels Reduction Project
  • Sly Park Vegetation Management Project

Sierra Pacific Industries

  • The Hoot Timber Harvest
  • King Fire Treatments