General Sherman Project Area

Description of Project Area: The General Sherman Project is located within an approximately 12,340 acre area in the vicinity of the Silver Fork of the American River and portions of Alder Ridge, of which approximately 8,710 acres are National Forest System (NFS) lands. The project is bounded by Silver Fork Road on the east and Iron Mountain Road on the south. The area extends from approximately 4600 to 7100 feet in elevation in Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest.

Project Summary: The project is designed to improve the health and resilience of this landscape through reduction in fuels and tree densities and improvements to hydrologic functioning.

Treatment Types: Mechanical thinning, tractor piling, mastication and follow-up chemical shrub control, hand thinning, prescribed fire, road upgrades, watershed improvement activities including stream and meadow enhancement and confinement of dispersed use.

Total Acres: 8,710

Planning Years: 2016-2019

Implementation Years: Starting in 2019

Responsible Agency: USFS

Values to Be Protected: Forest, recreation, water, wildlife habitat, private lands

Fire History: The area has had active fire suppression, and despite multiple starts over the years, large areas have not burned for extended periods of time.

 Contact: Dana Walsh, USFS –