Map of projects in the SOFAR area


  • Fire Adapted Communities booklet – developed by Pollock Pines – Camino Fire Safe Council – view

The scientific papers provided below are from peer-reviewed journals. They are posted for information sharing and do not represent the views of the SOFAR Collaborative.

  • U.S. Government Accountability Office – Report to Congress on Wildland Fire Risk Reduction – View
  • Briefs – CA Fire Science Consortium – View
  • North et al. 2009 – GTR 220 – An Ecosystem Management Strategy for Sierran Mixed-Conifer Forests – View
  • North et al. 2012 – GTR 237 – Managing Sierra Nevada Forests – View
  • Dow et al. 2015 – Incorporating Resource Protection Constraints in an Analysis of Landscape Fuel-Treatment Effectiveness in the Northern Sierra Nevada – View
  • Stephens et al. 2014 – California Spotted Owl, Songbird, and Small Mammal Responses to Landscape Fuel Treatments – View
  • Roberts et al. 2017 – California Spotted Owl Occupancy On Mixed-Ownership Lands In the Sierra Nevada of California, 2012 Through 2016 – View
  • O’Hara and Ramage 2013 – Silviculture in an uncertain world: utilizing multi-aged management systems to integrate disturbance – View
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  • Lydersen et al. 2017 – Evidence of fuels management and fire weather influencing fire severity in an extreme fire event
  • Harris and Taylor 2017 – Previous burns and topography limit and reinforce fire severity in a large wildfire – View