Reservoir Forest Health Project – decision signed 5-17-2021.  The Reservoir Project decision approved treatments on approximately 16,649 acres of National Forest System land to improve forest and watershed health and increase fire resiliency. Specifically, the selected action will implement mechanical thinning and forest health treatments on 3,540 acres of plantation and natural forest stands. The density of small trees and shrubs will be further treated through mastication and pruning (3,066 acres) and hand thinning (41 acres). Pile burning (3,581 acres) and herbicides (3,634 acres) will be used to manage fuel accumulations, and an anti-aggregation pheromone will be hand-applied to large pine that are identified as a high priority for protection from bark beetle attack. The selected action also includes prescribed understory burning (16,649 acres), conifer planting (46 acres), meadow enhancement (50 acres) and watershed management actions (up to 10 acres or 2 miles) to improve water quality, habitat, and restore ecosystem processes. Road construction (1.2 miles) and maintenance (55 miles) will be conducted to facilitate the other treatments described. Lastly, the Eldorado National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map will be updated to re classify 7.9 miles of road from ‘Yearlong’ use to ‘Seasonal Designation to eliminate resource damage associated with winter use. The project webpage is:

Trident Forest Restoration Project – decision signed June 1, 2021.  The Trident Proposed Action was selected for implementation which includes fire salvage harvest, fuel reduction, and hazard tree removal on up to 644 acres of national forest that burned during the 2020 Fork Fire. Reforestation is approved on a maximum of 218 of these acres, and transportation system management actions, including the reclassification of less than 0.5 miles of temporary road as a permanent national forest system road, will be implemented as part of the activities approved. The Eldorado NF was also granted an Emergency Situation Determination (ESD) in a Decision Memo signed by Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen on May 28, 2021 which allows project implementation to begin immediately.  The Forest anticipates advertising the salvage sale later this month.  The Trident project webpage is: