Map of projects on the SOFAR landscape

Above: Map of projects on the SOFAR landscape

Project Support

Submit Your Projects Here for SOFAR GIS Database (By July 16)

SOFAR Watershed Project Form Link

Information on this form is being collected to inventory and manage a countywide database of watershed projects that are in various stages of planning, permitting, and/or implementation. We will use this information to develop a project inventory and GIS database that catalogs the project information, generates reports and maps using a variety of query options, and readily enables periodic updates from the project sponsors. One of the purposes of an integrated database is to establish a central clearinghouse of projects that will facilitate federal, state and local organization coordination, prioritization, and pursuit of grant and other funding to implement the projects. The intent of this effort is to increase collaboration on priorities for watershed improvement, and improve the El Dorado Water Agency’s and El Dorado County’s success in advancing priorities important to successful implementation of the County General Plan.

For our initial effort to populate the dataset we are requesting that SOFAR members submit the forms for their projects by July 16, 2021.  Once the data is received it will be compiled and analyzed.  If additional information is needed for a particular project, we will contact you directly.  This may be necessary to define the extents of your project for mapping purposes.

Questions: If you have questions about the form of data input, we have setup an email account specifically for this effort. The email address is

List of Non-Controversial and Controversial ActionsSOFAR LIST of Actions

The Collaborative has been discussing what constitutes a SOFAR project (refer to previous 2018 Collaborative meeting summaries) and the process to obtain Collaborative support. Receiving a SOFAR Collaborative “stamp of approval” can especially help with grant applications, as it demonstrates collaboration and broad input. A project in the SOFAR area does not require Collaborative approval, but that approval bolsters the grant application’s competitiveness.

The Collaborative approved a proposed list of actions that identifies non-controversial activities and which activities warrant further discussion with the Collaborative. The list is intended to help project sponsors anticipate support / concern with projects and outline project development and timing accordingly. Non-controversial projects can move forward more expeditiously, while controversial projects are given due review and discussion for potential Collaborative endorsement.

Project underway in the SOFAR Watershed

El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

Eldorado National Forest

Fire Adapted 50

El Dorado Irrigation District

Sierra Pacific Industries

  • The Hoot Timber Harvest
  • King Fire Treatments